Our Services

We are a registered investment advisor managing individual investment portfolios for long-term income and capital appreciation.
At Martin Capital Advisors our primary values are performance, transparency and trust. In a financial services industry that is often opaque, we believe these values distinguish us from other firms and are also what build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We are always available to respond to client questions and to assist with any inquiries.

Quarterly Reports
Clients receive quarterly performance, position and realized gain/loss reports. The performance review indicates the account’s return for the prior quarter, the year-to-date return and the total return since inception and compares investment performance with the performance of the major indices. We also provide a quarterly newsletter, The Compass, and we are available for regular meetings with our clients to evaluate their portfolios.

Custody of Assets
Custody of the assets under management resides with the bank or brokerage house of the client’s choosing. Martin Capital Advisors receives a limited power of attorney to buy and sell securities for the client’s account. Clients still receive trading confirmations and monthly statements directly from the brokerage firm.

We are compensated on a fee-only basis, depending on the assets under management, from 1.00% to 0.25% per year. We do not receive brokerage commissions or any other compensation. Thus, our interest in enhancing investment value is aligned with the interests of our clients.

NOTE: Martin Capital is in the business of investing its clients’ funds in equities and other securities for maximum long-term gain. Investors are warned that investing in securities involves risk of loss if the securities that have been bought decline in value, and that funds invested in securities are not guaranteed against such loss by the FDIC, the SEC or any other governmental or non-governmental organization. Past Performance does not guarantee future results.